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Anastasia Krumina
Riga , 23 года
на сайте 4 месяца |Резюме обновлено 28.10.2023
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Lead 3D Artist
Опыт работы в этой сфере: До 1 года
1 700 €/мес.
Ключевые навыки:
Adobe photoshop
Adobe illustrator
After Effects
Computer skills
Level design
Quick leaner
Лучшие работы:
2019-По настоящее время
Game Designer
Обо мне:

I am a beginner game designer and am currently studying in the 3rd year of this specialty at the university. Due to the absence of a substantial gaming market in Latvia and the lack of job openings in this field, I am eager to continue developing the skills and knowledge I have gained from my university education. Although I had initially aimed to complete my studies this year, an unforeseen serious accident compelled me to temporarily postpone my studies.

My goal is to secure a position within your company to gain practical experience, which I believe will not only contribute to my personal growth but also facilitate my job search after graduation. To date, I have independently developed three homemade games. Notably, my most recent project, a mobile platformer, was entirely self-made, from writing the code to creating all 3D models. Alongside my game design pursuits, I possess a deep passion for 3D modeling. In fact, my latest accomplishment in Blender involved crafting a miniature drifting car.


Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to your team and benefiting from the valuable insights and experiences your company offers. Please find my resume attached for your perusal. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills and enthusiasm align with your company's vision.


Владение языками:
Русский: родной
Английский: 3/5
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